Simulation Training

Paediatric Trauma Simulation Day

Paediatric Trauma is a specialised discipline and managed by the two large Paediatric Trauma Centres in Sydney – Westmead Children’s Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital. Liverpool Hospital is a major trauma centre for adults, therefore children presenting here will be assessed and stabilised and transferred to one of these centres as per the Paediatric Acute Trauma Care Hotline (PATCH) Protocol and NSW Health Ministry Directive.

Given our medical and nursing staff are not frequently exposed to the management of paediatric trauma we run Paediatric Trauma Simulation Days. This day is run in conjunction with Specialist doctors and nurses from the Children’s Hospital and focuses on common complex presentations such as drownings, burns, falls and road trauma. This ensure that our teams are comfortable and competent to assess, stabilise and mange paediatric trauma patients prior to transfer.

The key principles of the day are:
  • Competence in paediatric trauma assessment and stabilisation
  • Leadership skills / roles and responsibilities of all team members
  • Crisis Management
  • Team communication
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Staff and patient safety

The day targets the multidisciplinary approach to trauma management. Trainee doctors from Intensive Care, Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Anaesthetics, as well as Nursing Staff from these disciplines, attend the one day combination of theoretical and immersive simulations. Much emphasis is placed on constructive feedback and discussions around better team performance and management.


Trauma Team Training Day​

Dr Valerie Malka is the Director of the Trauma and Acute Care Surgical Unit at Liverpool Hospital. She was the previous Director of Trauma Services at Westmead Hospital for over a decade. She is an EMST Director and DSTC Instructor with a great passion for trauma and acute care surgery. With special interests in education and quality assurance she has worked extensively in patient safety and the maintenance of ethics in healthcare. Valerie has worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee and holds a Diploma in International Humanitarian Assistance from Geneva University and a Master’s Degree in International Public Health with a major in Humanitarian Law. She also holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and works freelance writing medical, health and wellbeing articles.